Friday, June 25, 2010

Saturday night at the races June 19th 2010

The last race before the summer break at the Mohave Valley Raceway. There were some additional cars and that is always good.

The track was really wet during wheel packing and we had to clean what seemed like a ton of mud off the car before the heat race. I also freed the car up a little because I thought the track would be tacky in the heat

I lined up on the outside pole for the heat race and managed to get to turn one ahead of the pole sitter. I took off into the lead, I knew I had made the wrong adjustments when I saw how the track had really slicked off. The car was pushing getting into the corner, and spinning the tires getting out of the corner. Being out fron I could adjust my line and get through the corners pretty fast. However a yellow flag soon came out and allowed the field to catch up.
I led the next lap or two but the second place car was able to get by me for the lead when I went a little too high in the second turn and hit a really dry slick spot. I did hang on and finish second.

I lined up third in the main, and on the start I moved into second place. I was racing with third when the yellow came out. On the start the leader got too good of a jump on the field and the starter didn’t throw the green flag. However someone in the back didn’t pay attention and pinballed through the field bouncing off my Left rear tire. We finally got going again and I maintained second but then the car snapped around going into the second turn a crazy fast double 360 spin. I thought the L/R tire went flat from the previous contact and headed into the pits for a tire change. Doug and Bailey checked the car over and didn’t see any damage and sent me back onto the track. When the green flag dropped I knew there was something wrong as the car seemed not to have any forward traction at all. I headed back to the pits to try and figure out what was wrong.
Doug jacked up the back and right away we saw a problem with the Left rear as it just spun freely. We quickly checked and found a broken axle. Doug put the car back together and I went back out onto the track. From then on I just stayed out of the way and hold on to finish 7th.

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