Wednesday, December 9, 2009

LVMS Friday

Friday I had to pull from the High number box and got to start 13th in the 6th heat. The track still had some tacky spots and was still fast I worked my way up to around 8th, but fell back trying to make a few more spots and finished 10th. That had me lining up 20th in the 3rd B main. By now the track had slicked off and started taking rubber But I managed to pass some cars and wound up 12th. Someone told me racers need to learn when they have gotten as high as they are going to get and drive more defensively. I need to learn that and I would have finished a few spots higher each night so far

LVMS Duel in the Desert Thursday

The last race of the year for us was the 3 day Duel in the desert at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
This year was a lot of fun, My Mom and Dad made it out Thursday and Friday to help and watch But Tim and I were on our own Saturday night.
For some reason the last three or four years has seen me changing engines on Thursday night. Last year a bad distributor had us changing engines trying to find a crazy mis fire in the engine, this year my engine started rapping during hot laps.
I ran one of the later hot lap sessions this year, and after two laps the engine started making (a bad) noise so a quickly pulled in. Right away I got my Dad started on pulling the engine out, and I headed home to get our old faithful engine and Cherry Picker. By the time I got back my Dad was just about ready to yank the engine and we got the other ready to bolt in. Unfortunately, I was in the 9th heat ( supposed to start 3rd) but we didn't get done until about the 11th heat hit the track.
I lined up 22nd in the B main and was able to pass a few cars and wound up 16th.