Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We drove them onto the trailers saturday night, and that could have been the high point of our weekend.
After a busy week of work, we headed to the Mohave Valley Raceway Friday for the wildwest modified tour first stop there this season.
The pill draw had me lined up 5th in the forth heat race. The car was running OK, but picked up a HUGE push going into the first turn and I slid off the track and ended up running at the rear of the field.
We made some changes for the B main but couldn't find the reason for the intermittent push, so I lined up for the B main. The car was running great the first bunch of laps, and after some good luck I was up to second. Then the car started sputtering coming out of the turns, each lap it seemed to get worse and worse, the car running slower and slower. I was just holding on and hoping the laps were winding down faster then they seemed. Sure enough, I got passed for second, then third and I decided I better run the lowest groove possible to protect my transfer position.
With a lap or two to go I got tangled up with the 5th place car , bringing out the yellow and ending my night.
Back in the pits we found the L/R wheel had a giant bend in it from the contact, if not for the tube in it , it would have certainly been a flat.