Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mohave Valley Raceway May 15th 2010

What great weather for racing at the Mohave Valley Raceway on Saturday night, unfortunately a rather same turnout of modifieds showed up to enjoy it.

We made more adjustments to the racecar trying to get more forward bite on the slick racing surface. Some of the adjustments caused the car to be much too tight turning into the corner, so we undid those and tried a couple of new settings. Looking at the track before the modified heat races I decided I should back off a little on the adjustments because the track looked pretty grippy. When we hit the track for our heat, I new I had misjudged, the track was black and slick as we did our parade lap. As I started on the pole I took off at the drop of the green, but was careful getting into the corner racing with a car on the outside. The outside pole car and the second row outside car shot past me through the turn and I settled into third place. While racing along in third, I was trying different things with the racing line and brakes to see if I could improve my forward traction out of the corners. Meanwhile the leader had jumped out to a huge lead. I noticed after a lap or two the second place car and I started catching up to the leader, so I started pressuring the second place car for position.
As the white flag flew we really gained ground on the leader going down the back straightaway, and the second place car moved up to try and pass the leader. Meanwhile I dove to the inside and was able to drive past both cars for the win at the line!

I made a few more adjustments to the car for the main event, and lined up outside pole. At the green flag the leader and I raced into the first turn side by side and I managed to hold on and race side by side for a lap or two. The car still didn’t have the grip I needed to get out of the turns, but I was able to hold on to second place. A few laps later I jumped the cushion in the third turn and that allowed the third place car to catch up and start pressuring me for position. I was running the high groove, where there was a little rubber laid down but the third place car was able to get a better run off the fourth turn and drop me a position into third. Now there was still pressure from behind and the fourth place car and I raced through the corners and down the straits battling for the third spot. I was able to hold on to third until the checkered flag despite his strong challenge. After the race the right rear tire was blistered all the way around from the set-up in we ran. So we are still scratching our heads and will be making some more changes for the race on May 29th.

The car has been really strong in heat races, this was my 5th heat race win of the season, and we just need to make the right adjustments to get faster during the main events

Until next time you can find more pictures, information and advice from my mom at our website

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 1st 2010

Another night at the Mohave Valley Raceway .After a week of high winds and cold weather (for Las Vegas) Saturday was great, unfortunately very few IMCA modifieds took advantage leaving us a short field of 9 cars.
I lined up 3rd in the first heat and on the first start the second place car drove down on me on the front straight so I slowed down a little, not wanting to be the numbskull that wrecked out for the night in a heat with only 5 cars.
Slowing down turned out to be a good thing because that same car gave the leader a wicked shot in the rear bumper getting into the 1st turn, spinning him around directly into my path. I took evasive action, and was able to drive between the two cars into the lead. However the yellow flag came out so we had a complete restart.
With the pole sitter going to the pits, I assumed the lead. When the green flag dropped I took off into the lead. The track was pretty tacky and the car was HOOKED UP! I had made a lot of changes on the car in the last couple weeks trying to get more traction on the slick tracks and I had a push going into the corners, that allowed the second place car to catch up and we put on a pretty good side by side battle for a few laps, but I held on for the win.

Somehow that found me lined up on the pole for the main event, the crew and I went to work on the car trying to get some of the push out for the main, while maintaining the forward bite.

On the start the car was good, but still pushing going into the corners. I was out in the lead, but the 18 car of Bill Meyers had closed up and we raced side by side a few laps until the yellow came out. Scoring put me back to second, and on the start I dropped back to third, while racing with the fourth place car I missed the cushion getting into the first turn and spun off the track bringing out the yellow. On the restart I started passing cars again and made it back to fourth place. The car had pretty good drive off the corner, but I had to slow down too much to get the car to turn into the corner so I wasn’t really a factor in the battle for the lead. However, I did finish fourth, without any real damage to the car, so it is hard to complain.

Also, due to an early season rainout the track added another race on May 29th, 2010.
Hope to see you at the track