Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday Night September 4th 2010

Well, back to the races after our summer break, another ownership change at the track, but it was nice to see some familiar faces at the track again.

We had spent a lot of our time off working on the rear suspension in a quest to get more forward bite on the dry slick racetracks. But we went to the track with lots of ideas to change to a muddy or tacky track depending on what we were presented with.
I started on the outside pole for the heat race and was able to get a good start and jumped into the lead. The changes we made had a drastic effect on the handling and the car was pushing terribly getting into and out of the corners. I managed to stay out front though by using most of the track getting through the corners and I didn’t hear anyone behind me, but shortly a yellow flag came out. Riding around on the yellow flag I heard what I thought was an exhaust gasket but I figured I wasn’t stopping for that. On the restart I again jumped out to the lead, but now I was under heavy pressure from second and not able to use up the whole track to get through the corners. The second place car slipped by into the lead, and about that time my header broke completely. I managed to hang on the rest of the race to second.
Back in the pits the search was on for a welder to fix the broken header, luckily Steve Simpson came to our aid with a welder, but then the generator quit running. Thankfully Shane Geer helped us out with a generator and we were able to get the header fixed up for the main. We also made a few adjustments to the suspension to help the car in the main.
I started inside the second row in the main event, and at the start, the leader spun out going into the first turn, everyone managed to get past him without incident, and I was on the pole for the new start. I jumped into the lead at the drop of the green and the car was running really well. The changes we made over the break seemed to be helping a lot, but still the car pushed into and out of the turns, but the track was still a little tacky. I was out front and saw a little challenge from second, but I was able to keep my momentum up through the corners and stay in the lead, when a caution came out.
On the green I was able to stay out front, but soon pressure on the inside caused me to drop to second. Running behind the new leader I was able to keep him a car length or two in front of me and as the track dried out, my car seemed to get better in the turns and I began to close in on the leader. I was making up a lot of time getting in turn one and two, but not so much in the third and fourth turns. Finally I got a good run thru turn three and four and was on his bumper going into the first turn. I was able to drive under him as we came out of the second turn and we raced side by side down the strait. We bumped wheels and I had to let off the gas to avoid wrecking and the next lap we got the white flag. I wasn’t able to catch the leader and settled for second place. Overall the car handled very well and I think some small adjustments will have it really good.
Until next time