Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mohave Valley Raceway April 17th 2010

It's hard to believe, but we are almost halfway done in the Mohave Valley Raceway season with the running of the 5th race of 12 IMCA points races this Saturday night.

We made a lot of changes to the car since the last race, hoping to be able to find more traction on the dry slick track that has become MVR. I Lined up outside of the front row for the heat and got pushed out of the groove coming out of the second corner. The car was pretty fast, but pushed terribly if I missed the corner entry even a bit. It seemed I was fighting a losing battle so I figured I would pull in and make more changes to get the car better for the main before I wrecked. Just as I slowed the engine started making horrible sounds, but after a quick check of the gauges everything still looked good but I pulled into the pits to get ready for the feature.
We found the header had busted at the mounting flange, I checked and adjusted the valves just to be safe, borrowed a welder from Bill McIntosh and welded up the header and changed the R/F spring to something a little stiffer in hopes of fixing the handling.

I started inside the second row for the main and on the start the leader pushed up in the second turn and I was able to move under him for second. A lap or two later I was able to make a move on the leader while the third place car was racing under me and I moved into the lead. We raced pretty much side by side for a lap or so when the yellow came out. Scoring had me in second so I lined up on the outside for the restart. When the green came out I drove hard into the turn, but lost the battle and settled into third. I followed the race for the lead, the car was handling pretty good now and I was able to maintain third with some pressure coming on from fourth. with just a couple laps to go, the second place car jumped the cushion and I drove under him into second place, where I ended up finishing.
On the front strait the car was spewing water from the vent tube, so I hope it is just a bad radiator cap, but I need to pull the one head off the car and give it back to Tim so he can get his engine put back together. Also it looks like I need to rebuild the transmission again because the clutch was slipping badly when I drove into the pits.

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