Monday, December 20, 2010

Las Vegas Duel in the Desert

Our last race of the season was the 13th annual Duel in the desert. We have made it to all of 13 races, However our racing and qualify record is not too good.
For the past four years the first night of the three day show has found us changing engines because of some engine problem. This year I stayed with the engine we ran most of the season and it performed well all three nights without any problems.
My next issue there is pill draw, I have the worst luck at drawing numbers at this race (however last year I drew outside pole in the 6th heat, only to blow the engine up in hot laps), this year was not an exception, I started last in the second heat Thursday, 3rd in the 20 heat on Friday, and lined up 13th in my last chance race Saturday.
Thursday’s early heat race was a hammer down affair with a tacky track and a good cushion. The car pushed terribly getting into the corners and I fought my way up to 11th place. We made some adjustments for the B main, but not enough. The car was still pushing, but I found if I could get the car turned to the bottom of the track it ran pretty good and I worked my way up to 8th spot ( not bad from 21st)
Friday I started 3rd in the 20 heat race, at the start I got shuffled back a few spots, but managed to work my way back to fourth. The car was still pushing getting into the corner, but I had adjusted my driving and that helped a little. In the B main I was working the top groove trying to make some progress, but I jumped the cushion and smacked the third turn wall, breaking the right tie rod end. That wasn’t the worst of it though. Trying to get into the infield I drove over the berm, ripping off the oil filter and oil filter adapter. Luckily the oil light came right on and I shut off the engine, only losing a couple of quarts of oil.
Saturday we made more adjustments trying to loosen the car up getting into the corner and I lined up mid pack for the last chance race. The car drove much better then it had the previous nights, but ran out of laps to get to the front and finished 9th.
Overall we learned a lot and ran pretty good without breaking too much. My Mom and Dad got to watch the races and help in the pits and that is always fun, so not too bad a weekend.

Now it is on to our winter maintenance, we plan on freshening the engine with new bearings and rings, do some work on the rear suspension, rebuild the clutch inside the transmission and hopefully get to work on our new car that has been sitting next to the house for three years.

Remember, we are looking for a couple of new sponsors for the 2011 season. Please contact me or visit our website for more information
and from all of us on the Durica racing team

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year