Tuesday, April 12, 2011

saturday night April 2nd 2011

ur race on April 2nd 2011 started out great, we won the heat race, the car was working good, and we started on the pole for the main. I was able to get a great start and jumped into the lead. The car was running great ,the track had slicked up and was dusty, but there were two grooves; high or low I was running the higher line. I held on to first place for a few laps when one car was able to get under me for the lead. After a few laps we had caught up to a lapped car that wasn’t running much slower then I was making it hard to get past. I tried to dart under him in the first and second turns but hit a wet spot and pushed up, just as the car behind me tried to “shoot the gap” but managed to shoot into my right front tire. The impact sent him sailing and broke my upper ball joint. I headed pit side so Doug could try and get the car repaired and back out. Doug and Bailey worked quickly to replace the ball joint, but the race ended just as they finished repairs. After the races we found the shock was bent, the R/F rim is also ruined the front bumper bent and the brand new nose piece bent. We will get it all repaired and ready for the next race April 16th, 2011 at Mohave Valley Raceway.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saturday March 19th 2011

Saturday, March 19th 2011
We raced at the Mohave Valley Raceway Saturday night. There was a lot of wind in Vegas, so we left early to try and not have to rush getting to the track.
The track looked to be in great shape, and by the time I got changed into my racing gear and strapped into the car they had stopped wheel packing and called for the races to start lining up. Just as the mini stocks took a few laps in their first heat trouble hit. The lights went out on the corners and back straightaway. The track officials worked on them, getting them to turn on, then flicker off. This went on for about an hour until an electrician showed up and shortly had the lights working.
I started on the pole in the heat race, but lost the race to the first turn. The car was running good, but I still had a big push going into the turns, the third turn seemed worse then the first turn but I adjusted my driving and was running pretty well. With one lap to go I got passed for second, and finished the heat in third.
We made some adjustments to the car for the main event and I started on the pole again. I got a great start and took the lead. The car still pushed getting into the turns, but was working great thru the turns and down the straight-aways. After a couple of yellows the brakes started fading and I had to slow down a little earlier for the turn. This allowed the cars behind to catch up and try a bonsai move under me getting into the third turn. The resulting contact pushed us both off the track and the almost the whole field went by while we got back on the track. From then on it was wasn’t pretty, with little brakes I drove as best I could avoiding problems, but still got into the back of one car when the pack in front of me decided to wreck each other.

Sunday we found the brake line had gotten pinched in the rear suspension and smashed. So this week we will make another front bumper and fix the brakes and get back after it.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The off season

I have finally got back to work on the racecar after not doing much during the Christmas season.
The first project is the Rear suspension; I built a new Birdcage for the right rear, based on the birdcage I built for the left rear. So I now have two new birdcages on the rear suspension.
This year I am also trying out a new mounting location for the R/R shock and spring. I have always run the combination clamped to the rear-end, but most of the four bar cars seem to run it mounted in front on the birdcage, So I am going to try that the first race of the season and see how the car ( and driver)reacts.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Las Vegas Duel in the Desert

Our last race of the season was the 13th annual Duel in the desert. We have made it to all of 13 races, However our racing and qualify record is not too good.
For the past four years the first night of the three day show has found us changing engines because of some engine problem. This year I stayed with the engine we ran most of the season and it performed well all three nights without any problems.
My next issue there is pill draw, I have the worst luck at drawing numbers at this race (however last year I drew outside pole in the 6th heat, only to blow the engine up in hot laps), this year was not an exception, I started last in the second heat Thursday, 3rd in the 20 heat on Friday, and lined up 13th in my last chance race Saturday.
Thursday’s early heat race was a hammer down affair with a tacky track and a good cushion. The car pushed terribly getting into the corners and I fought my way up to 11th place. We made some adjustments for the B main, but not enough. The car was still pushing, but I found if I could get the car turned to the bottom of the track it ran pretty good and I worked my way up to 8th spot ( not bad from 21st)
Friday I started 3rd in the 20 heat race, at the start I got shuffled back a few spots, but managed to work my way back to fourth. The car was still pushing getting into the corner, but I had adjusted my driving and that helped a little. In the B main I was working the top groove trying to make some progress, but I jumped the cushion and smacked the third turn wall, breaking the right tie rod end. That wasn’t the worst of it though. Trying to get into the infield I drove over the berm, ripping off the oil filter and oil filter adapter. Luckily the oil light came right on and I shut off the engine, only losing a couple of quarts of oil.
Saturday we made more adjustments trying to loosen the car up getting into the corner and I lined up mid pack for the last chance race. The car drove much better then it had the previous nights, but ran out of laps to get to the front and finished 9th.
Overall we learned a lot and ran pretty good without breaking too much. My Mom and Dad got to watch the races and help in the pits and that is always fun, so not too bad a weekend.

Now it is on to our winter maintenance, we plan on freshening the engine with new bearings and rings, do some work on the rear suspension, rebuild the clutch inside the transmission and hopefully get to work on our new car that has been sitting next to the house for three years.

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and from all of us on the Durica racing team

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday Night September 4th 2010

Well, back to the races after our summer break, another ownership change at the track, but it was nice to see some familiar faces at the track again.

We had spent a lot of our time off working on the rear suspension in a quest to get more forward bite on the dry slick racetracks. But we went to the track with lots of ideas to change to a muddy or tacky track depending on what we were presented with.
I started on the outside pole for the heat race and was able to get a good start and jumped into the lead. The changes we made had a drastic effect on the handling and the car was pushing terribly getting into and out of the corners. I managed to stay out front though by using most of the track getting through the corners and I didn’t hear anyone behind me, but shortly a yellow flag came out. Riding around on the yellow flag I heard what I thought was an exhaust gasket but I figured I wasn’t stopping for that. On the restart I again jumped out to the lead, but now I was under heavy pressure from second and not able to use up the whole track to get through the corners. The second place car slipped by into the lead, and about that time my header broke completely. I managed to hang on the rest of the race to second.
Back in the pits the search was on for a welder to fix the broken header, luckily Steve Simpson came to our aid with a welder, but then the generator quit running. Thankfully Shane Geer helped us out with a generator and we were able to get the header fixed up for the main. We also made a few adjustments to the suspension to help the car in the main.
I started inside the second row in the main event, and at the start, the leader spun out going into the first turn, everyone managed to get past him without incident, and I was on the pole for the new start. I jumped into the lead at the drop of the green and the car was running really well. The changes we made over the break seemed to be helping a lot, but still the car pushed into and out of the turns, but the track was still a little tacky. I was out front and saw a little challenge from second, but I was able to keep my momentum up through the corners and stay in the lead, when a caution came out.
On the green I was able to stay out front, but soon pressure on the inside caused me to drop to second. Running behind the new leader I was able to keep him a car length or two in front of me and as the track dried out, my car seemed to get better in the turns and I began to close in on the leader. I was making up a lot of time getting in turn one and two, but not so much in the third and fourth turns. Finally I got a good run thru turn three and four and was on his bumper going into the first turn. I was able to drive under him as we came out of the second turn and we raced side by side down the strait. We bumped wheels and I had to let off the gas to avoid wrecking and the next lap we got the white flag. I wasn’t able to catch the leader and settled for second place. Overall the car handled very well and I think some small adjustments will have it really good.
Until next time

Friday, June 25, 2010

Saturday night at the races June 19th 2010

The last race before the summer break at the Mohave Valley Raceway. There were some additional cars and that is always good.

The track was really wet during wheel packing and we had to clean what seemed like a ton of mud off the car before the heat race. I also freed the car up a little because I thought the track would be tacky in the heat

I lined up on the outside pole for the heat race and managed to get to turn one ahead of the pole sitter. I took off into the lead, I knew I had made the wrong adjustments when I saw how the track had really slicked off. The car was pushing getting into the corner, and spinning the tires getting out of the corner. Being out fron I could adjust my line and get through the corners pretty fast. However a yellow flag soon came out and allowed the field to catch up.
I led the next lap or two but the second place car was able to get by me for the lead when I went a little too high in the second turn and hit a really dry slick spot. I did hang on and finish second.

I lined up third in the main, and on the start I moved into second place. I was racing with third when the yellow came out. On the start the leader got too good of a jump on the field and the starter didn’t throw the green flag. However someone in the back didn’t pay attention and pinballed through the field bouncing off my Left rear tire. We finally got going again and I maintained second but then the car snapped around going into the second turn a crazy fast double 360 spin. I thought the L/R tire went flat from the previous contact and headed into the pits for a tire change. Doug and Bailey checked the car over and didn’t see any damage and sent me back onto the track. When the green flag dropped I knew there was something wrong as the car seemed not to have any forward traction at all. I headed back to the pits to try and figure out what was wrong.
Doug jacked up the back and right away we saw a problem with the Left rear as it just spun freely. We quickly checked and found a broken axle. Doug put the car back together and I went back out onto the track. From then on I just stayed out of the way and hold on to finish 7th.