Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saturday March 7, 2009

The first race of the 2009 Mohave valley points season was Saturday night.

My Dad worked all week on the racecar, changing the engine, and fixing the body

I started on the pole in the heat race and jumped into the lead at the drop of the green. I thought the yellow light was on when I got to the 3rd turn and I slowed , but I saw the green light still on in the 4th turn so I stood back on the gas and stayed out front for our first heat race win of the season. However, the car was smoking from an oil leak so we had to get to work figuring out that problem. We found the valve cover was leaking so we replaced the gasket and hoped that would fix it.

For the pill draw I pulled 8th starting spot, on the start I was running with the leaders, but still smoking and had worked my way up to 6th when two cars ahead of me tangled and brought out the yellow. When I slowed down the oil pressure light came on so I pulled in the pits and got a quick oil filter change. The oil filter change brought the pressure back up and I rejoined the race in the back. The car was still smoking and not running as well as I hoped because the track was tacky and fast. I did however manage to work my way past some cars and another couple dropped out so I managed to get back to eight place.

After spending Sunday washing of the thick layer of goo off the car I found the valve cover gasket had pinched again causing my oil leaking problems

We will have it all fixed and ready for the races March 21st at the Mohave valley raceway

Also, we are trying this new wax next race from the chemical guys. click the picture link above for more information on their products