Monday, March 8, 2010

Mohave Valley Marh 6th 2010

Saturday. March 6th 2010 Mohave Valley Raceway

After many 2 blown engines in the last two weeks, we scraped up enough parts to put one more together for Saturday nights racing at Mohave Valley raceway.

One good head of my engine, one good head from Tim’s, Cam, lifters and oil pan out of the 383 that spun a rod bearing crank and rods from the engine that kept eating cams, a freshly machined block and a little luck we were ready to race ( we hoped).
Threatening skies greeted us at the track and they promised to get the program run off as quickly as possible. The track looked fast and when I went out for hot laps the new engine ran great, we did however have an oil leak from the valve cover. We pulled off the valve cover and re-glued it in place and went out for the heat race.

I jumped into the lead from the pole position and never looked back, the track was super hooked up and the car was handling great, allowing me to go around the track nearly full throttle. I did however have one small slip in the second turn and I thought someone would be trying to pass, but afterward I found I had a huge lead the entire race.
But, the oil leak persisted; we took the valve cover off again and applied some silicone to the gasket surface. I checked the valves quickly and every thing was good to go.

I started on the pole for the main and jumped into the lead with the drop of the green flag. Once again I was nearly flat out around the top of the track, just needing to use the brakes just a little bit to get the car into the turns.
I was tearing off the laps, not hearing anyone behind me when the race was slowed by a caution. Again I took off at the green flag but now I could hear cars behind me.
The cushion started getting a little beat up and I was using more brakes getting into the turn but the pedal was getting softer. I changed my assault of the corners trying to use less brake but soon, I had hardly any brakes, Of course, when everything is going good the yellow flag came out again.
This start I had traffic on my back bumper, with little brakes I was rim riding the top, but the second place car could run the middle groove a little better and soon he slid underneath, he also brought the third place car with him and it was a three way battle for the lead. Just as things were heating up, the oil pressure light started flicking on when I threw the car hard into the turns, I adjusted my line a to drive straighter into the turn, but that allowed the first two cars to get ahead. I was now hoping the white flag would wave before I ran out of oil, when the yellow flag came out again for a spin. When I slowed down the oil pressure dropped to zero and then finally came back up, but it was much lower then normal, so I pulled into the pits. Just as I hit the pits it started raining, the track threw the checkered flag and reverted to the last green flag lap so I finished third.

So far this year we have won three heat races and finished third in the two races I finished, and we were able to drive the car into the trailer (always a good thing as my Mom points out)
And at least this week I will have something to work with and I will put a new set of bearing in the engine just to be safe.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lest we forget, we are always open to offers of help, donations of time or equipment and cash...

Las Vegas Motor Speedway feb 26th 2010

Las Vegas Motor speedway Friday Night February 36 2010,

We got in a rare treat Friday night with a race at the Dirt track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
With the Nextel, nationwide series in town, the speedway opened up the dirt track Thursday and Friday nights for Sprints and midget racing.
With a low turn out expected Friday night the track added the IMCA modifieds to the show and Tim and I worked hard all week getting an engine put together for my car.
The guys at Jacks Machine Shop did a super quick turn around on a pair of cylinder heads , getting them back to me on Thursday afternoon so we could get them on the car and loaded up for Friday night.
We got to the racetrack and changed the gear for the Vegas track, the track used plenty of water and wheel packing had the cars pretty sloppy. I didn’t go out for the first set of hot laps, but did use the second set of hot laps. After about three laps the engine seemed to lose a little power so I pulled in for a once over. We found one loose rocker arm and after a quick valve adjustment we were ready for the heat.
The draw had me lined up 7th and I knew there were a couple of fast cars behind me so I had to gain a few positions to make it into the A main. On the start I figured I would try the high groove but there were a couple of cars battling for position. The second lap around the high groove was open and I hit the turn flying, I was getting ready to get a great run off the corner when BANG! Rattle rattle … I knocked the car to neutral and heated for the infield. Of course I found a massive mud puddle getting into the infield and soaked myself. Back in the pits, it looks like another engine gone south, something broken internally. Two engines in two weeks, however, both engines were about 5 years old and I guess I just pushed the old parts too far.

Now we have another long week ahead, putting together another engine, this one was supposed to be a good motor, but I always have valve train issues and we sat it in the corner for 5 years. I am hoping a new block will cure old problems and we get another engine together that will last the season.

Till Next week